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Please fill out your bio if you want me to approve follow requests! :teal_heart:

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please consult this regex when spelling my name correctly: /(jan )?Wi?|v(v|(i(v(i(an(n?e)?)?)?)?))?/i

re: needless whining 

hmm apparently it has breached the california border now

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needless whining 

when will my deck come home from the war

marking a singular network packet as my favorite

OH: ⬅️ I don't know what this meme is and would like to know

You enter a long, red room. There is a SPITTOON in the corner. You see a NOTEBOOK here, on the door. There is a GARGRON here, muttering incantations.


synth nerdery 

Hyped about the digitone song mode. this makes things a lot easier!

vanta pigtails selfie (cw: eye contact) 

this is what i look like with pigtails btw lol

violet cybrespace knife 

violet cybrespace knife :violet_cybrespace:🔪 :ameowbongo:

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it truly feels amazing out here. 10/10 weather ign dot com

look what I'm trying to say is that I'm dead tired today

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I have discovered today that my rate of shitposting is inversely proportional to my energy level.

(I'm waiting for this onion article to come out, I know it is coming. I just want it to be a thing)

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"NASA 'Definitely Meant to Do That', Mission was 'Not a Critical Failure in Any Way', Distraught PR Representative Claims"

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