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love hanging out with queer people who like to dress like they're the protagonist they're all 100% correct btw

i wonder if nasa has ever been so happy for a loss of signal before


Gaslight, gatekeep, girlcock club

using Conway's Game Of Life to simulate my gender

You might be nmap-ing everything on my network, but that's not going to help you since I'm nmap-ing everything on your network!
Strange, isn't it!?

Future historian digging up my bones: is this a man or a woman

Other future historian: bro why are there so many!!! What the fuck kind of bone even is this

The police: you've been arrested for grave robbing

Me: hey that's my bones

Mechagodzilla: rer

task 1: complete! ✅
task 2: complete! ✅
task 3: complete! ✅
task 4: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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selfie eye contact, knife 

I was a dragon I would hoard chokers 🐉 I also bought this cool knife!

How many chokers would a whore hoard if the whore hoarded all the chokers.

task 1: complete! ✅
task 2: complete! ✅
task 3: waiting ⏳

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my awful little brain processes (some) information fast and outputs (some) information fast

this makes me an incredibly powerful poster and I cannot be defeated. no, I don't receive any notifications. I'm just really online. I'm just really, really plugged in.

task 1: complete! ✅
task 2: started, in progress ⏳
task 3: research required 📚

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