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Account policies (1/5) 

Followers: I generally allow follow requests, but you do need to meet a few minimums: 1) Have a bio. It helps a lot if your bio or display name has the pronouns I should use to refer to you. 2) Make some public posts, whether on their own or replies. 3) Be nice to other people in those posts.

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Account policies (2/5) 

Migrating followers: When people migrate between accounts and send follow requests from their new accounts, I don't accept the follow unless I can verify that the new and old accounts are actually owned by the same person. Link between your old and new accounts to make this as fast and easy as possible.

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Account policies (3/5) 

Image descriptions: I try to always always put a description on anything non-textual I post. I will hesitate to boost anything with undescribed attachments, and I will not be happy to even see it around. If I reply to your post with a description, consider that a reminder that you should do so in the future.

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Account policies (4/5) 

Blocking: I try not to block people without a specific reason (but remember: Anyone can block anyone for any reason at any time). If you do something that seems accidental, I will warn you before blocking/muting/etc. Examples of things that will get you blocked include: Bigotry, encouraging harm to self or others, harassment, pro-authoritarianism, egregious or willful failure to use content warnings or media descriptions, evading moderation.

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Account policies (5/5) 

Requests to block: If you see me interact (follow, boost, reply to, etc.) with someone known to be bad in some way or other, please do not assume that I know about this and am choosing to do nothing. Get in touch and let me know about it. Give me a specific reason, and some kind of evidence. I do not react well to pressure tactics; "block this person or I will block you" is more likely to get you blocked than them.

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You buy a new computer. It comes with a three-volume set of books, labeled, respectively, "Operator's Manual," "Service and Administration Manual," and "Programmer's Manual". This is

@alilly Tcl came real close to the Big Time back in the mid-90s because it was the included scripting language for AOLserver, one of the first really popular web servers. It’s an interesting thought experiment to imagine how things might have gone if it had been a language you could script both the client and the server side with

finished my calculus exam

strangely the actual test was dramatically less stressful than the practice test? despite being on a time limit in an unfamiliar space with strictly limited resources?

basically, like C, any language where "you just have to always remember not to do any of these 30 things and it works fine" is bad

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I've definitely posted this before but please imagine for me "Saturn V Heavy"

array + array should obviously be array, or a type error if you don't want to do things that way

the implicit conversion to string here is really unintuitive and I can't think of that many cases where you'd do it on purpose

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reminder that in javascript [1, 2, 3] + [4, 5, 6] === "1,2,34,5,6"

this is part of why I disagree with people who say "javascript is fine, if you dislike javascript you're just bad at programming"

javascript loves to find constructs whose meaning is so clear you shouldn't even need to think about what they're doing and booby-trap them so that they completely blow up in your face when you do them

void *array_of_pointers_to_all_arrays_of_pointers_to_arrays_of_pointers_that_do_not_point_to_themselves[];

version of doom where instead of the plot of doom you make your way into the depths of hell to kill [your choice of dead terrible politician] again thereby sending [them] to extra hell


doctor: you have bitch syndrome
me: I see
doctor: it's incurable
me: good

now we wait for retaliation of the aliens who were relying on the period of dimorphos to tell time

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glad i parked my cool spaceship on Dimorphos where no one will find it. time to take a big sip of space coffee and check the news.

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because xml is a gateway into Gender

unfortunately other new ideas have proliferated aggressively in that time so I'm still net-positive on permanently-open Markdown files

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I can finally close that Markdown file I've had open for months...

(Don't buy StarCraft or anything else sold by Activision-Blizzard.)

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I previously tried to explain enough StarCraft lore to people who asked that they could understand the story I had published at that time, but the amount needed for these is just... far too much. So, I'm just linking these in case there are people with existing context who might like them.

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