Whenever I hear an autistic person say "ok, so" during a conversation, I get very happy, as I am about to learn an entire semester's worth of information in the next 15 minutes.
The most wonderful phrase.

@TakeV OK, so, one of the reasons why I really love Linux so much is the freedom you get from your computer. Unlike other systems like Windows and macOS, you have complete control over how your system works. If there's something about your system you don't like, you can change it. And because you have control over your computer, it means you can choose what system programs you want to use, rather than be stuck with whatever crappy garbage your OS comes with. It's a wonderful thing.

@TakeV ....
i am being percieved!!!!

@TakeV oh no, that's my goto and I am somewhat on that spectrum.

@TakeV @platypus Wait. This is an autistic trait? Damnit brain. Do we HAVE to be a stereotype? I am laughing my butt off because you might as well have tagged me on this.

@TakeV @platypus Infodumping sure. It’s the “OK. So” part that is killing me because I use that exact phrasing.

@TakeV for me it's a verbal tic that happens after every complete thought 🥴🥴🥴

@TakeV 6 months really gives ypu so mich how much time is wasted in learning through pfixial mens
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