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Question. If you are autistic, do or did you use first person singular and plural pronouns interchangeably?
I.E. You will use "I" and "We" interchangeably.

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@TakeV Blockchain where consensus is done by just letting the free market decide, as Adam Smith intended.

Blockchain where consensus is done by each node participating in a hunger games style death match.

Character types I will always have a soft spot for:
* Autistic coded mad scientist
* Bully that grows and becomes a fan favorite (surprising everyone)
* Eternally optimistic cinnamon roll
* Divas with chaotic energy
* Plz step on me hot lady with unfathomablely large big dick energy
* Refined fem lesbian
* Robot
* Chaos Chaos Gremlin

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I mean, Emacspeak is wonderful. Beautiful even. Being able to understand syntax highlighting, which is done *nowhere* else for the blind, being able to know where bold and italic text is, it's beautiful. And it was done way before any other screen reader even thought of that idea. But Emacs is seen as advanced for a reason.

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So its like, we Linux folks have all these tools, that give us so much possibility, so much (possible) joy, jobs, and beauty. But other people can't experience them because of such a high bar to entry.

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I wish it weren't. I wish we just had some distro of Emacs made for Emacspeak users, all bundled in a deb, all ready to go. And maybe we do and I just don't know about it. And no Emacspeak 45 (54 is latest) on even Debian unstable branch doesn't count. Ah well. I think Linux, especially for blind people, will only be for computer enthusiasts.

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The enumeration of trans people via bad people 

Gonna secure this account, just in case.

Alas, I was not cool enough to make it.

I think Deltarune showed that I can get a crush on a CD player. I did not know that was a thing that could happen.

I am not a Jevil simp BUT

(Disregard, I am)

It seems that the attack sprites that dance during the end of the Sweet Cap'n Cakes battle has become a comfort thing.
Love them funky robots.

I do not understand how people can manage the cognative load of dynamic languages. I really admire that.

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Trans men experiences are just as valid as trans women experiences

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I bet we'll see many new ""premium notebooks"" pop up with this thing

Finally went back and got all the eggs and shadow crystals in Deltarune.
I dunno why, but something clicked when I fought Jevil, and suddenly he was not so bad?
Did I finally get good?

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Oh, you are showing me the small black hole to hide in? That is strange, mother, but I haven’t been inside it in some time. What is it like?

Mother, what is that sound? Mother, why am I now trapped in here? … mother why are we going into the wheeled conveyance


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the cool thing about transitioning is when you're a guy and someone's rude or hostile to you you're allowed to express your frustration, but when you're a girl you just have to pack it into a little ball and swallow it and let it hurt you because there's no way to vent it that people wont punish you for

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Trump's new social network is preparing to launch... look familiar?


I advise you get on blocking the below domains.

You knew it was going to happen.

Boost it far and wide!




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