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TBH, I think we should just start referring to blockchain fees and gas as "tax", because I can think of no better way to induce cognitive dissonance in crypto bros.

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All transwomen do is install linux, watch anime, become furries, form polycules, think every other transwomen is pretty except them, and do a communism.

Thinking about how governments might hire mercenaries, or use drones, or how public companies diffuse responsibility of the company while still retaining the massive profit exploitation by the people at the top.

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Is there a name for the study about how unjust structures tend to abstract harm to diffuse responsibility?
It is something that I see all the time, but I do not know what the ideas are called.

Fear me, for by stabbing blindly in the dark, I have debugged a network issue.
Messed up nameservers.
Root cause: me.

Whelp, the Amphibia series finale destroyed me.


*throws featherless conservative at terf*
Behold! A gender!

Basically, I want to be able to start and stop a VM on my machine.

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Anyone know much about how openrc works? I am looking to trigger a run level via script that checks a MQTT endpoint.

Questions about docker, devops, etc 

Does anyone have a good example of setting up a CI server which automatically checks for updates to the base images, downloads them, and deploys the updated stack (preferably without swarm or k8s)?

Okay, what if From Software made a game in a cyberpunk world.
Souls like sci-fi.
Dark Matter.

Is there a PAM module that allows login via PGP key?

Making fun of companies behind the opioid epidemic 

*influencer voice*
Hey fam, if you liked this opioid epidemic, then don't forget to like and prescribe.

Okay, so was Tommy Pickles planning on drowning his brother Dill in the banana baby food or something?

If we could stop demonizing cluster-B people, and also acknowledge cluster-A and cluster-C, that would be pretty cool.

Minecraft, computing 

And like, extending it with new instructions would be pretty easy: you just add another filter at the end of the hopper chain.

Shulker boxes could store items for later, essentially being a "def" command.

It would probably be even better in modded, where you can have something similar to shulker boxes, except they can nest infinitely. But if you are playing modded, you probably will just use computercraft or something.

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Minecraft, computing 

An idea that I come back to, every so often, is implementing a lisp machine within Minecraft.

I believe you could do so via items, shulker boxes, and hoppers. You have a set of base items which form the atomic functions, and then you can order them in a chest which extracts the items and runs each through a series of hoppers/filters.

The advantage would be an incredibly small footprint compared to most redstone based computers.

Disadvantage: lisp, small stack.

Remembering how windows and older programs used to call an error an "illegal operation" or something.

It is good that they changed the terminology.

I remember my dad explaining to my computer illiterate hippy uncle that the cops were not about to break down his door due to a crashed program.

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