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Astronaut 1: "wait, it's all NAND gates?"
Astronaut 2: "the following two statements are not both true at once: it is not true that it both has been and still is the case, and it is not true that it both has been and still is the case"

shitposting is when you tell the truth

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Nim Hortons the Canadian programming language

There are approximately 5 humans on the Internet generally

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Feels all right to have another bit added to my age. The dusty 16ths place bit took a bit of grease to roll back to 0 but we are now up and running at 32!

dang, turing complete slaps

and made in godot, too? so cool.

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Girls will have a dream hrt regimen and it's a discontinued research antiandrogen and a synthetic estradiol tested only in rats and barely tested at that

And then progesterone for the boobs

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Which desktop environment do you prefer?

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Begpost, please boost and donate if you can 

Two of my friends have been facing homelessness for over a year now and are currently living in a motel. They both have jobs but they can’t work for the next week because they both caught COVID. They need $500 to pay for the motel this week plus an additional $50 for food and medicine. I’ve been helping them with consistent mutual aid but I am unemployed and can’t help beyond some grocery payments. They are living in a very transphobic state (florida 🙄) and have experienced a lot of discrimination on top of being homeless. Any donation is appreciated. You can donate to their cashapp

Or you can Venmo me @ Claire-Graves-10
Or PayPal me @ melatoninmom or

#TransCrowdFund #transmutualaid #mutualaid

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"You are on this call, but we do not grant you the rank of Jitster"

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A lot of guys don't know this but a cute floral sundress is the pinnacle of tactical utility wear

- single unit convenience
- unconstrained lower body movement
- blends into background (flowers)

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My current electric wheelchair is worn out and actively dangerous, and so unreliable I don’t trust it to even work. I’ve started a gofundme to buy a new lightweight modern one. I’ll be grateful for any donations, or just a share if that’s what you can do.

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This is a poll for #TRANS PEOPLE ONLY!!

Are you neurodivergent (autism, ADHD, probably others), or DEFINITELY *for sure* neurotypical?

This #poll is messy, I'm too lazy to research whether I'm being politically correct, I'm just trying to find out if NT trans people exist!

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I have spent
all day
doing fizzbuzzes

this is the final one I came up with, thanks to @haskal for the help with understanding the for loop :)

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asking for money help, please boost, FIXED LIBERAPAY LINK :boost_ok: 

don't wanna delete and redraft this and lose the boosts i've gotten so far but

the liberapay link was wrong? like it looks correct but when you click it it errors out, there's some extra stuff that gets added to the end of the link for some reason

here's the right one, this SHOULD work lol

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- Programming in C,C#,C++,Java,Python,Lua
- Web Development with Html/CSS, or any popular CMS
- Game Development with Godot, Unity, Love2d, and your favorite engine
- Editing with Audacity, & Kdenlive
- Writing (both copywriting and technical writing)

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:tealheart: Looking For Work :tealheart:

Alright, I'm looking for freelance, part-time, or full-time work. I'm an experienced programmer, game developer, audio/video editor, marketer and technical writer. If you think I would be a good fit for your project or team, feel free to reach out to me via any method on or DM me on here!

Boosts Appreciated!
↓ More details below ↓

#getFediHired #lookingForWork

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