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C itiban k alert!

1000$ has been depository to Your account. Log. In. Here

2FA is worthless if you don't know how it works and just click whatever links you see without paying attention to them, and then log into your discord account without critical evaluation...

re: Misinfo, joke 

What I don't understand is why they don't show people writing a text that says "Marcos" first.

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Misinfo, joke 

It's pretty cute how when people in breaking bad get a text that reads "POLLOS" they have to go find gus. It's very similar to the children's game of Marco Polo and I find that adorable.

Freaking windows installation media being too big for my USB stick

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America is still a slaveholding nation.
United States of America still has slaves.
The country in which you are likely reading this still employs slave labor and has people whose job it is to arrest you and turn you into an enslaved person.
The fact that it took us this long for our government to recognize the day when all Black people finally knew they had been kinda sorta made free (with a giant asterisk) shows just what this country is.
And since people in the overculture of this country did not see fit to fix that loophole, the oppressive crackdowns and increase totalitarianism in this country is about to wash up on your shores as well. Whatever can happen to someone who lives under the same laws as you will eventually get you as well if you don't fight for the people who have it the worst.
There's not much time but there is still time. Ignore the attempts to placate us with Hallmark holidays and instead fight for genuine freedom for all people. All the time.
#juneteenth #13thamendment

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I'm always extremely surprised by the toots that resonate with y'all weirdos


Interestingly, if you ask OpenAI to generate ascii art of something sufficiently complex (like "a cow eating a carrot" it will always draw the same ridiculously fit man named erik from this page:

re: AI generated poem, gender 

not terrible, except for the the not-ideal 'in between' bit.

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AI generated poem, gender 

OpenAI wrote a poem about gender euphoria:

I am my own Gender
I'm the happiest I've ever been
I'm not a man or a woman
I'm something in between
And I love it

I don't have to fit into a box
I can be whoever I want to be
And it feels so freeing

I can wear whatever I want
And do whatever I please
There's no limit to what I can do

I'm gender euphoric
And I'm never looking back is a domain that's available

Just sayin


Follow the money

You will find the secret meme cabal

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I'm always fascinated when people say "I'm dating myself" because like, I know they mean they're showing their age, but my initial assumption is always some kind of time loop

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Somebody gave our Android app a 1-star review on the Play Store because "there is LGBT" [sic]

NowThis voice, caps 


text flies off screen with a cubic tween to reveal yours truly

Anyone ever get X11 multiseat working with recent versions of linux? Just curious if theres I way I can share my PC so that one person can play a game while the other uses the other monitor (one graphics card). Seems there at least used to be a way to do this with Xephyr but I'd like info that isn't outdated, if possible...

Tech, - 

Sara's nvme died after I replaced the CPU and motherboard. Sad days. Waiting for a replacement. Alas.

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