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I grew up in a firefly-less area and now live in a place with lots of fireflies and I can never get over how nonchalant people are about the hundreds of glowing unearthly green lights every summer evening

It’s like “oh yeah, all the trees talk here. They speak in riddles. They don’t do that where you’re from?”

Just encountered a car that had:

  • "My other ride is a broom!" witch license plate frame
  • American flag bumper sticker
  • Dream catcher hanging from the rear view
  • A fucking NRA sticker??

San Diego is wild.

It's funny that it's called electron in singular, given how many memory-stick electrons it consumes

@TakeV I think you've finally cracked the masto code. You've uncovered what the people really want, here

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Love triangle this, polycule that.
Talk to me when your polycule looks like this.

Really grateful that my neighborhood is boring as shit and doesn't really celebrate the fourth. Just, silence

@aeva @mcc I'm gonna say... Five? Five should be good for just about anything

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me @ plants: you are not immune to propagation.

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Whenever I hear an autistic person say "ok, so" during a conversation, I get very happy, as I am about to learn an entire semester's worth of information in the next 15 minutes.
The most wonderful phrase.

@Amber just pushed an update the fixed completion which was the biggest issue I was having :D

@Amber This goes inside an
if exists('g:neovide') block in the init.vim

@Amber " For some reason the scaling is off?
set guifont=JetBrains\ Mono:h10.5
let g:neovide_transparency = 0.90
let g:neovide_refresh_rate = 60
let g:neovide_cursor_vfx_mode = "pixiedust"
let g:neovide_confirm_quit = v:true

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