Want some? :smirkingfox:​ my friend made it 10 years ago

very minor injury, boring looking blister 

Finger looking pretty sus ngl


this is the only gcc-related thing I did today, i did not do anything else related to the acronym 'gcc'. i deny any and all accusations to the contrary :blobcatuwu:

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trypophobia, abstract 

please don't ask me what this is - it's my first shader and I didn't have a goal in mind. Mainly was experimenting.

Done with Godot's visual node editor.

Uhhhhh what? Huh? Is this because I don't visit your website?

fucking really? In this day and age?

I'm using firefox...

Oops, someone at StackOverflow isn't escaping their markup.

Last night before I went to bed I daydreamed up this epic new meme, truly the latest greatest meme. Please relish this meme you are welcome

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