@TakeV I do not have one of these and it's the strangest thing to imagine having one

Introduction Post

I've seen a few people doing these, so I assume I should as well. :3

Hi! I'm a queer enby artist who may or may not forget that mastodon exists from time to time. Object permanence, what's that?

Anyway, I draw gay stuff occasionally. And I'm obsessed with pirates. Please @me if you're a fan of Black Sails.

But also, I have no idea what I'm doing yet on this site, so if I don't interact, please assume it's just me :P

etsy seller strike/customer boycott runs this whole week (11-18 april)!

transaction fees are going up for sellers by 30 percent (from 5% to 6.5%) beginning today.

more details on here: coworker.org/petitions/cancel-

and here:

What do you perceive the primary purpose of content warnings to be?

there are etsy sellers making stickers specifically to cover the fake stickers on book covers that say "now on netflix"

Signs of understimulation (Based on a tiktok by ndwellness, summarized for own reference)

1. Craving something but not knowing what it is, as if you "repeatedly open the fridge but you can't find anything that's satisfying"

2. Thought patterns that rapidly become more unrealistic and pessimistic

3. Physically stuck on the edge of your seat, fidgeting or moving from app to app on your phone

4. Worry about wasting time/ not doing what you're supposed to be doing

5. Impulsiveness


i heard some people feel like they have to “earn” food?

i think that is silly.

everyone deserves as many tasty bytes as they want whenever they want them imo :blobmiou: pls don’t feel bad about eating!

oh my goodness! a new month is here
*rubs cheek on it*
*sheds some pixelfuzz on it*
there :3

Increase in left handedness after they stopped torturing people for it.

"more americans are learning languages on duolingo than in the public school system" this little anecdote should make you ashamed of drowning them in ads. actually it means duolingo should be seized and turned into a public service

 moé for solarpunk~

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