Reading the inflation report is fascinating to me, because the highest increases seem to be the most energy intensive things.

Animal-based protein, fossil fuels, vehicles, airline fare, etc.

Here is the report I am reading.

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It is almost like stubbornly refusing to give up the dinosaur juice, and making it the backbone of everything, is a bad idea. :o

The clothing breakdown is also interesting to me. The category of "Men's Clothing" rose about 3% higher than "Women's Clothing".

Notions of gender aside, I have a sinking feeling that the reason is due to the distribution of fast fashion. D:

Ooooh, medical. Let us talk about medical.

In the past year:
medical goods (Devices, drugs, etc) rose 2.4%.
Seeing a doctor: 1.9%.
Hospitalization: 3.8%.
Health Insurance: 13.8%.

Remember, raising taxes by 13% is communism, but hiking insurance costs by 13% is freedom.

Public transport went up by 26.3%, but that is only because for some reason, airline fair is included in that, and that rose by 37.8%?

I may be a simple city android, but lumping planes in with intercity buses seems... like a choice.

(Factoring out airlines, it actually got cheaper to go intercity)

Smartphones actually got cheaper. By 19%.
Televisions went down by 9% too.

Sure glad there is nothing suspicious regarding being spied on for profit going on there. ^_^

Alright, I am done.

I do not think any of this is surprising, but it is neat to look at the data on this end of things.

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