Stop saying that Idiocracy is right or prophetic challenge.

It baffles me that so many so called "progressives" uncritically accept a movie with eugenics=good as a premise.

@arcade Do you have a link? I have only seen the SarahZ video.

@TakeV that ui at the hospital looks a lot better than most irl stuff though

@argumento Are you saying that Americans are Idiocracy, or that they think it is factual?

@TakeV I don't like Idiocracy that much, it's a fun film but full off academic cliches about knowledge and intelligence. I'm saying that (some) Americans act as if they got points or something for acting out like characters from that film, from the proverbial "Florida man" to politicians on both sides, that act as if they are entitled to making decisions w/o knowledge of what they are deciding on.

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